The 31st Guomoruo Scholarship Awarded to 27 Top USTCers

  • [2012-05-08]
  • 27 senior USTC students were awarded the 31st GUO Moruo Scholarship. CAS Academician, President of USTC, Dr. HOU Jianguo, attended the ceremony, together with distinguished alumni, parents of the recipients and people who have influenced them the most.


    President HOU Jianguo, alumnus MU Runchang, International futures company dealing department manager, Mr. LI Shipeng, Vice-President of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, and Mr. CHANG Jin, Director of the Laboratory of ZiJinShan Space Astronomy Observatory gave inspiring speeches, sharing their experience at USTC and how it changed their life later. 


    The 27 recipients come from different schools and departments. Most of their parents were invited to the ceremony to share their success. The principals of their senior high schools were also invited, for their excellence in teaching.  Moreover, a special group of honored guests attended the ceremony. They were invited by the prize-winners as the most influential people in their lives.


    WANG Yuyan, one of the winners, said she had invited her parents, and teachers both from USTC and her middle school. It was a pity that her high school teacher, who taught her when she was a teenager, failed to show up. With good foundation laid during high school and four years of quality education at USTC, she has accepted a scholarship by Princeton University, after reclining an offer by Harvard. 

    WANG Yuyan(middle)


    The scholarship winners WU Yue and LIU HaiFeng both got offers from Microsoft Asia Research Institute (MARI). While talking about their college time, they all expressed heartfelt gratitude to USTC and confidence in their postgraduate life.  It so happened that their advisor, Mr. LI ShiPeng, Vice-President of MARI, was also a GUO scholarship winner years ago. Li said he was lucky to be the first who has got this honor twice, both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate. 

    WU Yue (2nd on the right), and LIU Haifeng(4th on the left)


    KONG Yue said the most important thing he had learned at USTC was not only studying, but what individuals can do to for our society, and that explained why he is always active in volunteering activities. He said he would try his best to serve our society and to contribute to China.

    KONG Yue(middle)

    The GUO Moruo Scholarship, the first scholarship of P.R.China, was set up in 1980, and it is the most highly regarded honor by USTC students and alumni.


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